Julio Valdés R. - Partner

  • Doctor in the Science of Law (S.J.D) (Cum Laude) under a joint program among Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado (UJMD). Doctorate Thesis “Directors and Shareholders Duty of Loyalty in Salvadoran Stock Corporations”, a comparative law investigation between Common Law and Civil law jurisdictions, including United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain and El Salvador.
  • Masters Degree (LLM) from Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB).
  • Completed courses of studies of International Commercial Arbitration and Comparative Corporate Law in Paris, Cornell University, Cornell Law School – Universite de Paris/Pantheon- Sorbonne, Summer Institute.
  • Program of Instruction for Lawyers (PIL), Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Law Degree from Universidad Dr. Jose Matías Delgado (UJDM), San Salvador El Salvador


Julio has extensive experience in international contracts; he has advised multinational companies, multilateral organizations as well as local and foreign entities. He has led and coordinated legal teams in more than 10 countries. He is well known for his ability to add value to all stages of a transaction; from its structuring to its implementation, as well as for his capacity to evaluate all the possible scenarios and anticipating all important aspects in a transaction, keeping in mind at all times the business perspective of his clients.

He has broad experience in advising local and foreign entities, as well as multilateral financial organizations in the structuring of financing operations, bond issuances and securitizations. Furthermore, he has advised banks and assists insurance companies in El Salvador on corporate and regulatory aspects. He has also advised in the issuance of sovereign notes.

Julio has advised in the mergers and acquisitions of four major banks in El Salvador, in the structuring of Tender Offers, and in the sale and acquisitions of industrial and commercial companies having operations in more than ten countries in North, Central and South America.

He has advised and coached executives under Antitrust Laws and has advised leader companies in the elaboration and implementation of internal policies and procedures to adequate their practices to the Antitrust and Consumer Protection Law requirements.

The local and international transactions, in the banking, industrial and commercial sectors, in which he has participated totals 2 billion dollars.

He has also advised on corporate matters under Salvadoran law as substantive law applicable in arbitrations under the American Arbitration Association and International Chamber of Commerce.

Practice areas

  • Counsel to Sponsors in the Project Finance of a 100MW Solar Project.
  • Counsel to Senior Lenders in the Project Finance of a 79.8MW Solar Project .
  • Counsel to International Organization in Financings to local Banks in El Salvador.
  • Counsel to Noteholders in the Securitization of Remittances.
  • Counsel to Buyers & Sellers in M&A transactions.
  • Counsel to international investor in the acquisition of a group of companies with presence in three jurisdictions.
  • Special counsel to telecommunications company involving the potential sale of ownership interest.
  • Legal advice to three financial conglomerates in El Salvador in regulatory and corporate law under their merger and integration process, including the merger of two banks and its local holding companies.
  • Legal advice to a financial group on all legal aspects related to the establishment and operations of two insurance companies in El Salvador.
  • Legal advice in the sale of operations of a seed production company with operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, and coordinator of the legal teams in such countries.
  • Legal advice in the sale of a PVC products producer, with operations in Mexico, Central and South America and coordinator of the legal teams in such countries.
  • Legal advice to groups of majority shareholders in the sale of their ownership interest in two banks operating in El Salvador, including the structuring of the respective Tender Offers, one of which was the first simultaneous tender offer to occur in two countries in the region, El Salvador and Panama.
  • Legal advice to the Republic of El Salvador on the issuance of sovereign bonds for a maximum amount of up to USD664 million.
  • Legal advice to placement agents in two sovereign bonds issuance for a combined amount of up to USD500 million.
  • Legal advice to multilateral financial organizations in the structuring of financing operations to local public and private entities, and in the securitization of remittances, for a combined amount of more than USD100 million.
  • Legal advice as to local substantive law to foreign company under an International Commercial Arbitration against a public Salvadoran entity.
  • Legal advice and review of internal policies and coaching of personnel of a multinational entity on Antitrust and Consumer Protection Laws.
  • Legal Advice for obtaining concentration authorizations from the Antitrust regulator.