Sectors with Investment opportunities

Specialized textiles and clothing

The textile and clothing sector is one of the main drivers for the development of El Salvador, with a value chain that has been consolidated and integrated into products with a greater added value.

The dynamic process of vertical integration of the industry has managed to incorporate all the productive activities of the textile clothing chain, from the production of fibers, the manufacture and finishing of yarns and fabrics, the design, cutting and confection of garments and the associated logistics, also providing innumerable opportunities to enter new businesses in the upper and lower end of the value chain and related activities.

Call Centers and BPO

El Salvador is one of the most profitable platforms in Central America for the provision of quality bilingual outsourcing services. El Salvador has a modern and advanced telecommunications infrastructure.

In El Salvador, the Call Centers and BPO industry has experienced unprecedented growth. Several international companies operate which generating 25,000 direct jobs.


El Salvador has decades of experience in the aircraft maintenance and repair organization (MRO) industry, which has enabled the country to be placed on the global aeronautical map. The sector has shown annual growth rates of 20% and generates more than 2,400 jobs.


El Salvador is an ideal platform for the production and export of processed foods, ornamental plants and products from the aquaculture and fruit sectors.

Light Manufacturing

El Salvador offers a successful export platform with geographic proximity, high productivity and competitive costs for companies that manufacture medical devices, footwear, auto parts and electronic components, which established operations in the country and export to large markets.


With a convenient geographic location, El Salvador seeks to consolidate itself as a regional logistics hub, based on its commercial opening, maritime connectivity, attractive tax incentives system, and excellent air and land connectivity.


Several renewable energy generation projects are currently under development.

Public-private partnerships

El Salvador is committed to the development of infrastructure and the provision of quality public services through public-private partnership projects.